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In Defense of Food: A Review

In Defense of Food: A Review

Food documentaries have become ever prevalent in our growing health-conscious society. Most I have seen, however, focus on the condemnation of unhealthy food without offering any real advice or insight. In Defense of Food was completely different in the best way. 

In Defense of Food, based on the novel by Michael Pollan, discusses complex scientific phenomena in a visual and meaningful way so that the concepts are easily understood by even the least scientific person. The graphics made it enjoyable and informative at the same time.

My favorite aspect of the story line is how everything was so parallel. In Defense of Food takes you from point A to B to C seamlessly and illustrates how the evolution of concepts within food marketing are all intertwined and the food marketing is ultimately what got us in all this processed food mess in the first place! 

The bit on Wonder Bread was truly fascinating. There was actually a television commercial that recommended eating TWO SLICES per meal PER DAY due to the added protein and minerals that would have been naturally occurring in bread if the advent of white flour has never occurred. 

Without giving up too much of the documentary, (because I can't stress enough that you NEED TO WATCH IT), here are the top three takeaways that left an impact on me. It's not that these are legendary, never-heard-before concepts, but it is the simplicity that stuck with me. The simplicity is what we need in order to really get through to those less educated on the subject of healthy buying and healthy eating. 


  1. Eat only foods that will eventually rot. 
  2. Eat only foods that have been cooked by humans.
  3. Avoid foods you see advertised on TV.


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